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Goonies Never Say Die

It's our time down here


The most amazing thing of my life ever.

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goonies_nsd AKA Goonies, JFo, or Jen:
She is the conscience and the soul of the comm, which means she has a lot on her shoulders. She loves puppies, rainbows, unicorns, and Jensen Ackles. She is the only person known to man to have loved Ten Inch Hero and should therefore be awarded a Purple Heart medal. Jen is obsessed with stickers, hanging out in men's bathrooms, and participating in air guitar contests. She knows all the words to all the Boston songs and has the coolest high school senior picture.
-- icymorning

'67 chevy impala, '69 chevy camaro, 12 and holding, 311, a clockwork orange, amazing teeth, anchorman, baby sea turtles, baby tigers, boaz, books, boondock saints, bowleggedness, boys fighting, cackling, caravaggio, chaunchy mcgee, cheese, chuck close, classic rock, dancing, daydreaming, dazed & confused, dean winchester, denis leary, dogma, dogtown & z boys, dreams, eternal sunshine, excessive caps lock use, excessive commenting, fight club, finding nemo, fraggle rock, frida kahlo, garden state, gigglefit, good will hunting, goonies, green slime, gummi tummy, gun knives, happy things, harry potter, heavy metal, hooxing, hope floats, incubus, jared padalecki, jason mraz, jellytwat, jensen ackles, joaquin phoenix, labyrinth, lol vampires, lyrics, magically, manthize & smartypance, mariah carey, mark wahlberg, matrix, metallicar, movies, mullet rock, nag champa, obsessed, painted toenails, pay it forward, pee-wee's big adventure, pg 394, pilates, pink lip gloss, pirates, pluryouguysyouguysplur, poots, poppy z.brite, power of now, princess bride, punchasizing, quoting movies, rainbows, ralph steadman, random acts of fangirl, raspberry nestea, reading, reality bites, red hot chili peppers, ren & stimpy, road trip, roller skates, sam winchester, shallow hal, singing along, slayer, sloths, south park, spaceballs, stand by me, starvinating, sublime, supernatural, surprise motherfucker!, team winchester, ten inch hero, the 80s, the beach, the padacock, thief of always, to kill a mockingbird, touchy-feely self-help-yoga crap, txting, underdogs, using the word 'concoction', valley girl, weird science, wet hot american summer, will & grace, words, wordsmash, yelly, yoga